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Interested in a used bike? Check out our guide to used and refurbished bikes!
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Refurbished Specialized Hotrock Kids 20″ Bike – $66.6

Perfect for 5 to 8 year olds, this bike is simple and fun. It comes equipped with a coast brake — because, honestly, you can’t beat the awesome skids that you can do with them — and a hand brake for extra safety. Only one gear, which makes the bike easy to ride and even easier to maintain. The bike is plenty tough to stand up to the hard use that every kid is capable of, with a durable A1 Premium Alloy frame that has an ultra-low standover to make getting on and off the bike a breeze. 20-inch wheels. $66.6

No Used Bikes?!

Sorry! The demand for used bikes far exceeds our ability to supply. Sometimes we have a pile of bikes that are waiting to be refurbished. Feel free to come in and take a look; if anything appeals to you we can put together an estimate and add it to our repair queue.

For used bikes, you could check Bike Boom in Davis square, Cambridge Used Bicycles (aka Metonomy cycles) in the basement of the Camrbidge Antiques Market near Lechmere, or Bikes Not Bombs in Jamaica Plain.

Caveat Emptor. With bikes as with all things, you get what you pay for!

Our goal is to keep the cost of used bikes at an absolute minimum. That means we do as little as possible to the bike to get it rideable. Usually this means replacing the wear-and-tear parts like brake pads, cables, chain, etc. Essentially, you’re paying the cost of a yearly tuneup, plus a small fee we add to offset the labor spent collecting the bikes from around campus. Other parts on the bike, like brakes, derailers, shifters, etc., are most likely going to be original and therefore may not last long. WE DO NOT WARRANTY OUR USED BIKES. Without any idea of its history, we cannot guarantee that any of the parts will hold up. We’re sorry about this, but our policy is intended to keep costs down so more people can ride.