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Area bike shops:

Bike Boom. For used bikes, nearby in Davis Square.

Ace Wheelworks, our closest neighbor, right up the street in Porter Square.

Broadway Bicycle School, a bike shop devoted to education, our next-closest neighbor.

Bikes Not Bombs, a truly wonderful organization devoted to empowerment through cycling, located in Jamaica Plain.

Internet references:

Sheldon Brown. The internet’s most famous mechanic, a wealth of practical knowledge.

Park Tool Repair Guides. Park is a manufacturer of bike-specific tools. Their webpage contains documentation and guides to using their tools, as well as more general things like wrapping bar tape.

The Bicycle Tutor. Simple explanations for the DIY mechanic.

Other sites:

HUCA – Harvard University Cycling Association. Join the team! Any age, any experience level- seriously, you don’t have to be fast to ride! The team has both racing and non-racing members, including a dedicated core of friendly and welcoming riders who can offer support and good team vibes to anyone interested in cycling as a sport, competitive or not.