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Get Yourself Counted

Hey friends! If you didn’t already know, Boston Bikes is the city of Boston’s in-house bicycle advocacy organization. They do some pretty great stuff, including overseeing cycling infrastructure improvements and publishing a great bike map covering greater Boston.

A lot of their work depends on or is directed by a yearly survey they conduct to see who’s riding and where, and collect information about what riders would like to see happen in the future. The 2013 survey is now available. If you rode even once in the city limits of Boston last year, head on over and take the 2013 Boston Bike Survey!

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Closed for winter break

We’ll be open normal hours through Saturday the 21st and will then close for winter break through the 6th of January. Check here or give us a call if there’s a chance we’ll be closed due to inclement weather, but we should be back to regular hours starting Tuesday the 7th. See you then!


Area bike shops:

Bike Boom. For used bikes, nearby in Davis Square.

Ace Wheelworks, our closest neighbor, right up the street in Porter Square.

Broadway Bicycle School, a bike shop devoted to education, our next-closest neighbor.

Bikes Not Bombs, a truly wonderful organization devoted to empowerment through cycling, located in Jamaica Plain.

Internet references:

Sheldon Brown. The internet’s most famous mechanic, a wealth of practical knowledge.

Park Tool Repair Guides. Park is a manufacturer of bike-specific tools. Their webpage contains documentation and guides to using their tools, as well as more general things like wrapping bar tape.

The Bicycle Tutor. Simple explanations for the DIY mechanic.

Other sites:

HUCA – Harvard University Cycling Association. Join the team! Any age, any experience level- seriously, you don’t have to be fast to ride! The team has both racing and non-racing members, including a dedicated core of friendly and welcoming riders who can offer support and good team vibes to anyone interested in cycling as a sport, competitive or not.


Red Raleigh mixte – SOLD

$287.18 Red Raleigh mixte 55cm - good for someone around 5'6" +/- Fully tuned, with new cables, brake levers and pads, grips, wheels and tires, and saddle.

$287.18 SOLD
Red Raleigh mixte
55cm – good for someone around 5’6″ +/-
Fully tuned, with new cables, brake levers and pads, grips, wheels and tires, and saddle. Mixtes are a type of “step-through” bike that’s easier to get on and off, and is more compatible with wearing a skirt, although this bike ought not to be gendered as a “lady’s” bike: step-throughs are just as popular for men as women in societies where cycling is more common.


How it works at Quad Bikes

Our shop is a little different from other bike shops you may have been in. Here’s how our shop operates, with a little context to justify how we’ve come to do things the way that we do.

Over the last 10+ years of operation, Quad Bikes’ popularity has grown immensely. We couldn’t be happier, as we take this to be a sign that we’re doing something right. However, this popularity comes with a high price: oftentimes we are unable to meet the demand of our customers, and must make hard choices on how best to run our business when we know ahead of time that we can’t please everyone.


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No Used Bikes?!

Sorry! The demand for used bikes far exceeds our ability to supply. Sometimes we have a pile of bikes that are waiting to be refurbished. Feel free to come in and take a look; if anything appeals to you we can put together an estimate and add it to our repair queue.

For used bikes, you could check Bike Boom in Davis square, Cambridge Used Bicycles (aka Metonomy cycles) in the basement of the Camrbidge Antiques Market near Lechmere, or Bikes Not Bombs in Jamaica Plain.

Caveat Emptor. With bikes as with all things, you get what you pay for!

Our goal is to keep the cost of used bikes at an absolute minimum. That means we do as little as possible to the bike to get it rideable. Usually this means replacing the wear-and-tear parts like brake pads, cables, chain, etc. Essentially, you’re paying the cost of a yearly tuneup, plus a small fee we add to offset the labor spent collecting the bikes from around campus. Other parts on the bike, like brakes, derailers, shifters, etc., are most likely going to be original and therefore may not last long. WE DO NOT WARRANTY OUR USED BIKES. Without any idea of its history, we cannot guarantee that any of the parts will hold up. We’re sorry about this, but our policy is intended to keep costs down so more people can ride.