How it works at Quad Bikes

Our shop is a little different from other bike shops you may have been in. Here’s how our shop operates, with a little context to justify how we’ve come to do things the way that we do.

Over the last 10+ years of operation, Quad Bikes’ popularity has grown immensely. We couldn’t be happier, as we take this to be a sign that we’re doing something right. However, this popularity comes with a high price: oftentimes we are unable to meet the demand of our customers, and must make hard choices on how best to run our business when we know ahead of time that we can’t please everyone.


1) Diagnosis

  • When a mechanic is available, we will go over your bike with you and discuss what is to be done. Usually this means determining which parts, if any, need to be replaced, and an estimated cost. If the final cost will end up being much more than we estimated, we’ll call you. However, this original diagnosis is only a guideline for us. More or less work may be done, at our discretion. We may take some liberty here if it means the difference between a bike which is safe to ride or one which is a near-certain death trap. We are always available to diagnose a bike on the spot, but this does not mean we can immediately start working on your bike.

2)  Scheduling

  • Based on our diagnosis, we will book your bike in the schedule under one of three categories: flat tire, small repair, or tune-up. We can almost always fix flat tires on the day you bring them in, unless you bring it in close to closing time. Small repairs are generally scheduled a few days in the future, but may need to be scheduled up to a week in advance or more. Tune-ups are the most time-intensive for our mechanics and may need to be scheduled several weeks in advance, especially over the summer and in the early fall. Call or stop by during business hours to schedule an appointment.
  • Due to our limited storage space, we cannot store your bike in our shop for longer than a few days. Therefore, unless your repair is scheduled for the next few days, you will need to take your bike home after scheduling. We will arrange a time for you to drop off your bike so we can work on it, usually a day before your appointment.
  • Usually we are able to stick to our schedule. However our mechanics are also responsible for taking in bikes and providing assistance and advice to customers. So sometimes we fall behind schedule when we have a lot of foot traffic in the shop.Therefore we’re unable to provide a specific day and time when your repair will be completed.  We aim to have everything done in a timely fashion. In the summer of 2015 we switched to a new scheduling system which has allowed us to schedule repairs so that the bike only needs to be in the shop for at most a few business days or so. We’ll arrange to contact you when your bike is ready to be picked up.

3) Repair

  • This part’s pretty simple: when your bike comes up in the schedule, we’ll grab it and fix it. Sometimes we’ll call you if there are any issues. When it’s done we’ll put your tag with the other completed tags and give you a call or email.

4) Payment

  • When you come to pick up your bike we’ll disappear for a minute while we retrieve it from one of our many labyrinthine storage spaces. Expect this part to take a moment. No– we didn’t lose your bike, we probably just need to move ten other bikes in order to get to yours. You can pay with any major credit card, check, or cash. We do not have a credit card minimum.

So that’s the basic process. Sounds pretty simple, right? Here are some things to keep in mind when bringing your bike to us for service:

  • Same-day repairs are never guaranteed. We would love to be able to turn around bikes the same day: it’s best for us and best for you, but the unpredictable nature of our work means we cannot make any promises. On that note…
  • The day we schedule your bike for repair is not necessarily the day it will be ready for pickup. There are a number of variables which determine how long it takes to get your bike back to you. The least important of those variables is the actual amount of work done to your bike: even the most extreme bike repair usually doesn’t take more than an hour or two of dedicated, concentrated effort. The corollary to this is that simple repairs aren’t necessarily done any faster, simply because they are simple. Far more important in determining how long it takes before you get your bike back is how busy the store is (keep in mind we must both fix the bikes and also help customers who walk in), whether parts need to be ordered, and whether unpredicted repairs come up. We will call or email you when your bike is done, but also feel free to call us to check in, especially if your bike was scheduled to be repaired a few days ago and you haven’t heard from us.