Frequently Asked Questions

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  • “How long will it take to fix my bike?” The short answer is we don’t know. The long answer is that there are too many variables to give you an exact time frame. Of these, the actual work that needs to be done to your bike is probably the least important variable. Other variables, such as whether parts need to be ordered, or if we aren’t fully staffed, are far more determinant in when we’ll be done with your bike. If you absolutely need your bike back in a certain amount of time, you are much better off taking it to a large bike shop who have the staff and space to meet your needs.
  • “How much will it cost?” Like the above question, we can only attempt an estimate. If you are on a limited budget, give us an exact figure and we’ll try to match it. The final price usually differs from the estimated price when unexpected repairs come up: for instance, aluminum alloy (which the majority of components are made of) gets brittle over time, and may break when a normal amount of torque is applied, requiring replacement. Many cheap bikes from big-box retailers come with parts installed incorrectly, which sometimes can’t be fixed or require more-than-usual effort to service. Sometimes these things can’t be anticipated during initial diagnosis. For repairs that far exceed the estimate, we will call you for approval or to go over other options.
  • “Can I borrow a pump?” Yes, go right ahead. Let us know if you need help, and please don’t take it too far from the shop.
  • “Are you all students?” Not all of us, but some!
  • “Are you open to the public?” Yep!
  • “Do you give discounts to Harvard students/faculty/alumni?” Nope, our prices are already as low as you’ll probably ever find.
  • “Do you have any used bikes for sale?” Maybe! Check out our selection of refurbished bikes.
  • “Do you take credit cards?” Yes, all the major ones including American Express. We’ll also take cash or checks. There is no credit card minimum.
  • “How will I know when my bike is done?” We’ll call or email you, depending on whether you leave a phone number or email address with us. If you don’t hear from us, expect that your bike isn’t done. If it’s been more than a week, feel free to call us to check in, but keep in mind the many variables that account for our turnaround time.
  • “Can I leave my bike with you or do I have to bring it back?” If your name is in our repair queue, we will hold your bike for you until it’s ready to be worked on.
  • “I won’t be able to pick my bike up today, can I pick it up tomorrow/next week/next year/when the sun exhausts its hydrogen fuel and begins to nova?” Yes, yes, no, certainly not. We have a very limited storage capacity, and therefore cannot hold onto bikes for very long. We offer a week grace period after the time of completion wherein we will hold your bike for you. After that, we begin to charge a storage fee of $1 per day, until the amount owed exceeds our estimate of the bike’s worth, at which point we will sell it. It’s a harsh policy, but holding onto abandoned bikes has, in the past, been a burden both on ourselves and our customers, which we can’t allow to continue.
  • “How high should I pump up my tires?” The side of your tire will tell you an acceptable range of pressure, in pounds per square inch (P.S.I.). You can match the dial on the gauge of the air pump to these numbers. To be safe, neither exceed nor fall short of this range: inflating too high could cause a blow out (and possibly do serious damage to your eardrums), while inflating too little can result in more flats.
  • “How the heck do I find you?!” We’re tough to find on the first try. We’re in the basement of one of the buildings located in the Radcliffe quad of Harvard University. The specific location is room I-J, basement of Eliot Hall, Cabot House, Radcliffe Quadrangle, Harvard University. The street address is 51 Shepherd St., Cambridge, MA 02138. To find us, go to the intersection of Shepherd and Walker: there is a sign which reads “Radcliffe Quadrangle,” and directly behind that sign is a stair which leads down to our shop, with a painted sign of Freddie Mercury out front. Keep in mind this is not our shipping address!
  • “So, what is your shipping address?” 60 Linnaean St. Box 554, Cambridge, MA 02138.
  • “Why are you so cool, what’s your secret?” What can we say? We’ve got the moxie.